MTK Bypass Universal Windows

We do not recommend using GUI Tools, as they may contain viruses!

Author exploit: Chaosmaster

Author method: Dinolek

Special thanks: xyzz

Download last version: Bypass Utility / Exploits collection

Ready archive without Bypass-Utility and Exploits collection and Full Guide: Download


How to properly prepare the MTK Bypass Windows tool: See on YouTube

Supports: mt6261, mt6572, mt6580, mt6582, mt6735 (mt6761, mt6762), mt6737, mt6739, mt6755, mt6757, mt6761, mt6763, mt6765, mt6768, mt6771, mt6785, mt6799, mt6873, mt8127, mt8163, mt8173, mt8695, mt6833, mt6595 and their modifications